What to write or do next?

With a finished novel under my belt and query letters currently sitting in numerous agent email boxes, I’m faced with the conundrum of what to do next. My finished novel took over ten years off and on to complete, so I’m mentally exhausted.

But I’m also one of those writers…

You might be asking: What is #PitMad?

#PitMad is the hashtag for a quarterly event that takes place on Twitter where writers tweet their 280-character pitch for their unpublished book or novel. Literary agents can then show interest by liking or favoriting your tweet.

The first event of the year…

I started 2020 doing a final edit of my next novel and preparing to start the daunting task of querying literary agents. I’d been working on this particular novel off and on for almost ten years, so I was exhausted creatively.

Always eager to be writing something, I started to…

Part 1

After reading Sarah Manguso’s 300 Arguments I started making a list of my own aphorisms as a fun writing project. I debated on keeping them private or sharing them. I decided to share them, so here are the first 25. If you haven’t read Manguso’s book, I highly recommend it.

A View from the Essential Sidelines

I just wrapped up another week of Isolation. I’m fortunate enough to work for a company that is a medical supply wholesaler. …

a poem

Sometimes we are not proud of words we write
back when they feel eager and driven
They are still our words to own some day
and only then do we comprehend their wisdom.

I was just catching up with my muses
trying to grasp who I was matching their youth
They didn’t know themselves either back then
but they were better at faking the truth.

They left a road map in the letters they wrote
and in the books in which they bled
Their blood and soul on every page
Between the lines their secrets I read.

Imitation is a form of flattery and
you absorb every word and hue
Their mistakes can be repeated again
But you never outshine your muse.

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a poem

Why are some chalkboards green and some black?
Once, were more than the students segregated?
Separate water fountains, separate washrooms,
Separate waiting rooms for blacks, for whites
Lines drawn with colored chalk.

I will not give up.
I will not give up.
I will not give up.

Why did their…

A marketing checklist for self-published and independent authors

As a self-published author myself, I know how hard it is to market your book and to find readers. Here’s a thorough checklist of places and ways to market your book. Some are obvious, and maybe some not-so-obvious.

If you are a…

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